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Product Image Embroidered Lichen Patches - Vanessa Gelvin
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Embroidered Lichen Patches


Transform the surface of any garment or bag when you sew on one of our distinctive embroidered patches of lichen.

As our clothing is repeatedly worn and loved, small holes may develop. Fortunately, a small hole may be mended with a patch—a patch of lichen.

As bio-indicators of air pollution, most lichen species are found in pristine, remote areas. Show your love of natural environments with Lecanora Lichen Patches proudly affixed to your backpack or gear. Or simply demonstrate your appreciation for the unexpected, for the peculiar, and for good design.

Real lichens are very fragile and should not be touched. Our Lichen Patches are sturdily made (in America!) of high-quality materials.

Set of two.

MADE IN     America
MATERIAL    Thread, polyester backing
SIZES     Larger Lichen Patch: 2.1 x 2.3 inches (5.33 x 5.84 cm) 
                  Smaller Lichen Patch: 1.6 x 1.7 inches (4.06 x 4.32 cm)
INSTRUCTIONS     Sew patches onto fabric by hand.

Made in the USA