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About Us

Suburbia! Board Game by Vanessa Gelvin

Curious Art Objects for Curious People

At Vanessa Gelvin LLC, we believe in creating Art You Can Touch.
We think art should be incorporated into our daily lives.
So we started a company to create art objects no one else has thought of.

 Vanessa Gelvin portrait

The Process


Vanessa, our founder and resident artist, often fanatically researches obscure topics in her spare time. Usually it's aspects of culture, critical theory, history, or the natural world that pique her interest most.
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Invariably, the latent fascinations surface when sketching ideas—the good, bad, feasible, and impossible ones alike—and form the conceptual basis of the work. Since each art object or project is conceptually-driven, most necessitate learning new art processes and techniques. After many revisions, the design for a new art object is finished.
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Once the design is finalized, Vanessa Gelvin LLC sets the production process into motion. For projects that cannot be produced in our own studio, we partner with small-run domestic manufacturers to help us translate our Artistic Visions into fully-realized art objects.
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Packaged with Care

The same care and attention that go into making our art objects, also go into our packaging. When you open your package, we hope you will be both surprised and delighted.


Limited Editions Numbering       

Limited Editions

We prefer Unique Items with a Story. When it comes to producing art objects, we make only limited editions to preserve that uniqueness. Making limited editions also allows us to take more creative risks.

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Responsibly Made

Art objects must be crafted with care. To us, this means respecting the workers who help produce our art objects. We partner with small-run producers located in the United States and opt for environmentally-friendly materials whenever possible.