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Product Image Macroscopic Slide - Older Pine Root Window Cling - Vanessa Gelvin
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Macroscopic Slide - Older Pine Root Window Cling


Apply our Older Pine Root Window Cling to a window and transform it into a giant, prepared slide—a Macroscopic Slide, if you will. As a static cling, this cross-section of an older pine root is easily moved, reapplied, and moved again to a different window. The inside of a sunny window is an ideal location since the Older Pine Root Window Cling produces quite interesting shadows.

Designed to serve as a daily reminder of the world that remains largely invisible to the naked eye.

MADE IN     America
MATERIAL    Thin, Clear Vinyl
USE     For Indoor Use Only
SIZE     10.38 x 8 inches (26.35 x 20.32 cm)

Made in the USA