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Product Image Placebo Pilules - Vanessa Gelvin
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Placebo Pilules


In the tradition of patent medicines, Vanessa Gelvin, LLC is proud to present our new Placebo Pilules to the general public. Our tiny, white pilules are a fast-acting palliative treatment for halitosis that come in a reusable metal tin. 

There’s no need to ask your doctor if Placebo Pilules will work for you—they will.* Buy a tin of Placebo Pilules, take them to your doctor, and say that you strongly believe Placebo Pilules will effectively complement your treatment—your doctor may look at you quizzically and agree.

The medical establishment has long been aware of the efficacy of placebos and has utilized them in countless scientific experiments.** It’s time to put Placebo Pilules to work for you!


*Placebo Pilules are intended to temporarily cover halitosis with a minty odor; it is not a replacement for good oral hygiene.

**As controls.