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Product Image Suburbia! Board Game - Vanessa Gelvin
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Suburbia! Board Game


Experience the Suburban Dream every time you play Suburbia!

With Suburbia! you’re already a winner. From the very start of the game you can:

  • Take pride in your neat, manicured lawn and well-maintained suburban home!
  • Sleep easily knowing that your neighborhood is very safe and eerily quiet!
  • Feel secure professionally as a White Collar Corporate Office Worker!
  • Enjoy the freedom of owning a reliable car and driving yourself whenever and wherever you want to go!
  • Take pleasure in spending money however you choose—even money you haven't even earned yet! 

Every box of Suburbia! contains:

  • A Game Board
  • Four Decks of Cards
  • Four Game Pieces
  • Two Dice
  • A Pad to Track Finances
  • A Booklet of Official Rules

MADE IN     America
BOARD SIZE     18 x 18 inches (44.5 x 44.5 cm)
BOX SIZE     10.625 x 10.625 x 1.625 inches (27 x 27 x 4.13 cm)

Made in the USA